Performance Fitting Centre

Custom fit golf clubs can only be done by a truly independent club fitter in a state of the art studio with no allegiance to any manufacturer. This ensures the information you are given on the club that is correct for you is unbiased and enables you to truly understand your swing and what club build will best suit you. Club fitting should be carried out by a fully trained club fitter using a studio equipped with all the latest modern technology to analyse your swing, speed, angle of attack, smash factor, spin rate and actual ball strike amongst just some of the components - not the usual "how tall are you, whats your handicap, what swing speed do you think you are? well this is the club for you I just happen to have one handy" - That is definitely not club fitting!!. We are very proud and privileged here at Waterton Park to have a state of the art studio and one of the worlds top 100 IPAC accredited club fitters to run it. The International Professional Association of Club fitters (IPAC) is an independent organisation of club fitters drawn from all over the world and only selected after strict criteria have been met for more information click on the IPAC logo below or visit their web site

The performance fitting centre was set up by Matthew Pearson. Matt was England and Yorkshire Boys champion at 15, by age 16 he was off scratch and he had turned professional by 21 playing on the Europro Tour. Whilst on tour Matt was approached by retired European tour player, Paddy Hall, to take the assistant’s job at Waterton Park Golf Club. Matt agreed and qualified as a PGA Pro in 2001. Since qualifying as a PGA pro Matt has taught literally hundreds of people and he soon realised that to really benefit from lessons people need access to the best club fitting technology so that their clubs work for them. Put simply “clubs fitted to their unique swing” NOT “fitting a unique swing to an average off the shelf club”.

This became an obsession as Matt searched for the truth about clubs and especially club fitting. He studied under Tour coach Scott Cranfield and qualified to be a Foremost Performance Centre in 2008, but still this didn’t satisfy him. From his days on tour, Matt knew that the top players get FULLY fitted clubs and that amateurs do not, even though the major manufacturers claim to fit clubs.

Matt's research lead him to Tom Wishon and after attending some of Tom's club fitting courses it confirmed his ideas that teaching was only part of the solution, for people to really enjoy playing golf they have to be properly club fitted. (click here for more information on Tom Wishon)

So Matt set up the Performance Fitting Centre and invested in all the latest technology such as Flightscope, in fact Matt was one of the first UK customers of Flightscope and his knowledge of using this piece of equipment is second to none (click here for information on flightscope). As the Performance Fitting Centre’s reputation grew Matt was delighted to be approached by the No1 Custom Proline company in the World, KZG (click here for information on KZG), they offered to help train him and he duly completed his training in Los Angeles in 2012 since then he has twice been awarded the accolade of being in the worlds Top 100 clubfitters in 2013 and now again in 2014. It has been a long road that Matt has traveled to find out why an amateur cannot get access to the same clubs as the top players but finally he has arrived, so now you can benefit from all this knowledge and really enjoy your game of golf.

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